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Hey there!

My name is Petra Braun and I‘m an artist and illustrator settled in the countryside of Austria. Together with my husband and our two cats Woody and Berta, I live in a small house surrounded by woods and rivers.

I grew up on a farm, close to animals and nature. As a kid, I loved to wander through the woods and meadows, playing with the animals on the farm.

I still have a soft spot for animals of all kinds, and can‘t pass by them without saying hello. So if you walk with me, be prepared, it may take a while before we get anywhere!

Drawing and making stuff has always been my obsession, like drawing all over my schoolbooks (which was definitely more fun than doing homework) or creating special presents for family and friends.

I‘m also a qualified Graphic Designer, hold a degree in Fine Arts/Painting and Graphics and have a passion for storys, biographies and mythologies.

I like

- cuddling with my cats
- walking and hiking in nature
- drinking tea and reading a good book
- yoga in the morning
- vegan food

Can't resist

- chocolate and sweets
- buying beautiful illustrated books


“Petra is a great team player, who always focuses on the client and turns up with outstanding and most lovely results.” (Client/Publishing House)

“What I like about Petra is, she catches your intention very fast. Sometimes you have the feeling, she can see right in your head. Quick and uncomplicated briefings followed by great realization is the reason, why we love to work with Petra so much.” (Client/Production Company)

Carpe Diem Magazin
In The Moment magazine
Moxy Hotels
Simon Pulse
Teen Breathe AU

And a several number of solo entrepreneurs

Boshemia Magazine

Esto no es ARTE


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